Luciad puts you in the seat of the Air Traffic Analyst.
Review 24 hours of the entire world’s air traffic.

Change between 2D and 3D. Zoom, pan, and tilt the 3D view.
Pause, play and change the speed of the air traffic.
Filter and focus on the flights, airports or airlines of your choice.

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Luciad: Connect, Visualize, Analyze, Act™

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Air traffic analysis with LuciadRIA 3D

Luciad puts you in the seat of the Air Traffic Analyst. Review 24 hours of the entire world's air traffic straight in your browser.*

This application is built with Luciad's 3D technology for the browser which is a pure HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL solution. To stay informed about LuciadRIA, please sign up here.

The data was kindly provided by Flightradar24 and includes:

  • 70,000 flight trajectories
  • 3,500,000 recorded positions

Terrain data and imagery is served by LuciadFusion, Luciad's image and vector tiling solution. The data is most detailed in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

What you can do

  • Mouse: Left click and drag to move, mouse wheel to zoom in or out, right button to rotate the view
  • Touch: Single touch to move, 2-finger pinch to zoom, 2-finger vertical swipe to tilt
  • Use the free text search field to filter on any airport or airline. When filtering on airport, arriving flights are in red.
  • Drag the time indicator to manually set the time. Use mouse wheel or pinch over the indicator to change replay speed.
  • Change the replay speed using the mouse wheel or pinch over the indicator.
  • Use the 2D/3D buttons to switch between 2D and 3D visualization
  • "Airspaces" button displays a selection of 1,200 controlled airspaces in the United States.
  • See the day and night pattern moving over the globe with time.

Where you can go

  • Go to any airport by typing it in the search field or use the bookmark buttons.
  • Filter on Heathrow and zoom in to see the holding patterns. See how air traffic ends around midnight.
  • Filter on Los Angeles or San Francisco: notice that most flight are domestic. Zoom in in 2D to see that flights align perfectly with landing strips.
  • Filter on Lufthansa or All Nippon Airways: see where their home airports are and where they fly to.
*Flight data recorded from 10 a.m., January 13, 2015, to 10 a.m., January 14, 2015 (GMT).
Copyright Luciad 2015.

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